Can you make custom panel sizes?

Yes! We can quote sizes up to 5' x 10'.

Can you design panels that fit into stair railings?

Yes! Stair railings are quoted as custom designed panels. You would need to get us the measurements found on this SHEET and give us your ideas, sketches etc. and then we can quote a $12 a square foot design fee.

Can you put my business logo in a panel or design a custom panel?

Of course we can! We can take your pencil sketches, photos or just an idea and turn it into reality! We charge a small design fee for our time. Contact Us today for a quote.

How long does a design typically take, and do I get a chance to make revisions during the process?

Typically, for a standard 6' long panel you can expect a first draft in your email about 4 days after you place your design fee order. Some orders will take longer depending on complexity of design(s) and order size. We will always give you a lead time in our initial quote.

After you receive your first draft you will have the opportunity to make any design changes you would like. We will make any changes requested and issue you a final design that is ready for laser cutting! Manufacturing is then quoted separately.

Why are all the panels in the online store a different price?

There are many factors that go into pricing our panels. Here are a few; Size, Design, Crate Size, Mounting Option, Color, Etc.

We list panels for sale by these factors and not by one set price. This way we can give you what your paying for!

Do you have spindles or balusters that are the same height as your panels?

We currently do not sell spindles or balusters, but Deckorators has 26" spindles that work excellent when slot mounting our 28" panel.

How do I pay for custom designs or custom products?

After you contact us with your request and measurements, we will write up a quote and email this to you. After you approve our quote, we will email an invoice to you with a link to our online secure payment portal. We accept all major credit cards and pay-pal!

Payment is due before we begin working on your project.


Do you do custom work such as gates?


Yes! We have done many high quality gates. Gates are typically custom sized to customers requirements so we do not have them listed in our online store. We can take any design in our store or a custom design and resize it for a gate application.

Here is some more information about our gates


What are the different mounting options and color choices available?

See sheets below for printing. We can also do custom mounting and custom color matching!

Mounting Options.PDF

Color Options.PDF


Are your panels building code approved for railings?

Yes! We maintain a maximum 4" opening in our panel designs and only use 3/16" thick steel for rigidity and safety purposes. After cutting we do our quality inspections and round off all sharp edges. Most residential railings require 36" as a minimum railing height and 42" minimum for commercial railings. Here is more information about national building codes for deck railings. You should consult your local building department for any applicable local codes.

Do you offer other materials or finishes?

We can quote other materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel or even Copper! Contact Us today!

How are Castle Railing panels shipped?

We ship via FedEx and we will shop freight carrier pricing for large orders. All panels are carefully wrapped and boxed for safe travel to your home or business. Depending on order size we may wood crate and band your panels. Please allow 4-5 weeks from time of order placement for delivery.