Colors And Finishes

To start the coating process we use a multi-step proprietary cleaning process and then apply a zinc primer that ensures good adhesion of our dry powder. Next your product will be hung from a rolling rack and then the topcoat color will be applied electrostatic-ally to the product. Products with powder coating typically have much thicker coating without running or sagging. Powder coating contains no harmful solvents and little to no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We also utilize powder recycling equipment to eliminate wasted powder and prevent pollution.

After coating the product, the rolling rack is rolled into a calibrated oven to melt the powder into a fluid form and then cure the fluid into a hard and durable long lasting finish.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor project we always follow the same coating process for consistency and quality purposes.

We also offer custom color matching and custom materials! Contact us today for a free quote!